Through the Abortion Clinical Research Network (Network), the Society of Family Planning supports researchers and clinics to work collaboratively to answer pressing clinical questions to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of and access to abortion care. 

Include Network study sites in your research study.

The Society works with researchers to identify the appropriate Network study sites that align with their study goals and will serve as a liaison with the sites to facilitate their inclusion.

The Network does not offer funding for research activities; rather, it is a resource to be leveraged as part of research funded via a broad range of sources, including the Society. Researchers applying for funding from the Society to support their research should consider, if relevant, how they can work with the Network. 

Interested in supporting reesearch in your clinic?

The Society provides technical assistance to all participating clinics, e.g., personalized support working with IRBs, integration of research into clinic flow, ensuring research is a positive addition to the clinic for patients, staff, and management.

Clinics that join the Network support knowledge building and the development of best practices and are compensated for their participation in studies. 

Explore working with the Network.

Society staff are available to speak with researchers who believe the Network could be useful to their studies. 

If you are seeking funding for your research, please familiarize yourself with our approach to grantmaking.

Network study

Biomarkers of gestational age sought to identify unique markers in maternal serum that could be used to confirm gestational age

  • Status: Completed
  • Research team: Susan Fisher, PhD; Michal McMaster, PhD

Family planning visits during the COVID-19 pandemic documented practice changes in abortion and contraception care while the pandemic unfolded

#WeCount is just one example of how the Society can support collaboration between direct service providers and researchers to generate research for impact.