Current Funding Opportunities

Leveraging existing resources to document the impact of Dobbs
Purpose: To support research that leverages existing resources (#WeCount, the Abortion Access Dashboard, and the Post-Dobbs State Abortion Restrictions and Protections Database) in service of expanding our understanding of the impact of Dobbs.
Deadline to apply: June 14, 2023

Self-managed abortion, post-Dobbs
Purpose: To generate knowledge that centers the perceptions, preferences, and experiences of people that have self-managed their abortions or are considering or seeking self-managed abortion in the post-Dobbs environment.
Deadline to apply: July 6, 2023

Later abortion service delivery, post-Dobbs
Purpose: To generate evidence that documents how the service delivery landscape of abortion later in pregnancy has been impacted by the Dobbs decision.
Deadline to apply: August 8, 2023

Describing care at Complex Family Planning Fellowship sites
Purpose: To understand the role of Complex Family Planning Fellowship sites within the larger family planning ecosystem, via a multi-site chart review, with the goal of strengthening connections across points of care to best meet people’s abortion and contraception needs.
Deadline to apply: August 8, 2023

High-risk pregnancy care, post-Dobbs
Purpose: To generate evidence that documents how the Dobbs decision has impacted care for pregnant people at high risk of pregnancy mortality and morbidity. Offered in partnership with the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine.
Deadline to apply: August 30, 2023

Uta Landy Complex Family Planning Scholars
Purpose: To support Complex Family Planning fellows in developing independent research portfolios.
Deadline to apply: September 12, 2023

Approach to Funding

We believe that abortion and contraception policies and practices should be grounded in scientific evidence, and it is with this intention that we offer competitive funding opportunities to support the production of research primed for impact.

We concentrate our finite resources where there is the greatest need and support innovative and impactful projects and scholars. We rely on peer review processes to drive award decisions to strengthen the rigor and impact of the research we fund.

Our commitment to building a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and multidisciplinary community of those who are engaged in the science and medicine of abortion and contraception means that we do not require grant applicants to be current Society of Family Planning members.

To learn more about the Society’s vision and strategies, please review our strategic plan.

Assessing Impact

With a commitment to supporting research primed for impact, we regularly reflect on the impact of grants we fund and our grantmaking processes.

In 2017, we conducted a retrospective evaluation of our investment in family planning research. The results of this analysis directed us to focus our funding opportunities, make longer-term and larger investments, and to prioritize partnerships between researchers and knowledge brokers.

Previous Funding Opportunities

View previous funding opportunities from the Society of Family Planning, dating back to 2018.

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We welcome the opportunity to bring forward the expertise of the family planning community in service of surfacing priority areas for competitive research funding opportunities. We invite you to share a topic or group that you think would benefit from a competitive funding opportunity. Please note that ideas submitted via this form will be pursued at the discretion of the Society. By submitting this form, the ideas shared may be used in a variety of spaces without further coordination with the contributor.