What are Research Practice Supports?

Research Practice Supports are publications designed to respond to challenging areas of research practice for family planning researchers. These Society-created documents are led by groups of authors who serve as thought leaders, pooling their expertise and perspectives, and offering an enduring resource to the family planning community.

Why are these documents important?

Family planning researchers experience many similar challenges in the production of their research, yet there are limited opportunities to share advice and best practices in a discoverable way. Research Practice Supports provide these researchers with information that can improve their research practice and enhance their growth as scholars at all career levels. These documents are in service of the Society’s goal to support the production of research primed for impact.

Where can I find the Society’s Research Practice Supports?

Research Practice Supports are published in Contraception. The following documents are currently in progress and will be available on this page once they are published.

  • Approaching the concepts of gender and sex in family planning research
  • Community engaged sexual and reproductive health research
  • Conducting social science research on abortion: Research ethics and the Institutional Review Board process
  • Conceptualizing and representing complexity in abortion care
  • Data security for abortion research in a post-Dobbs era
  • Options for addressing race and racism in quantitative family planning research

New Research Practice Supports seeking authors:

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Research Committee

The Society’s Research Committee oversees Research Practice Supports by prioritizing topics and reviewing and approving each document before it is submitted for publication.

Author instructions

Guidance for authors and those interested in learning more about the Research Practice Support development process can be found in our author instructions.