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On June 24, 2022, the United States Supreme Court issued its ruling on the Dobbs v Jackson’s Women’s Health Organization case, effectively overturning federal protections on abortion access, and giving way to state restrictions on abortion access across the country.

#WeCount reports quarterly on the changes in abortion volumes, nationally and by state, following the Dobbs ruling.

As of May 14, 2024, a new report is available on changes in abortions access during the 18 months following the Dobbs ruling. Read and share the press release and report!

Report highlights

  • Telehealth now accounts for 19% of all abortions reported to #WeCount.
  • Over 40,000 people living in states with total abortion bans, 6-week bans, or telehealth abortion restrictions in place have accessed abortion from providers in states with shield laws.
  • Abortion volume was higher in 2023 (monthly average of nearly 86,000 abortions) than in 2022 (monthly average of nearly 82,000 abortions).
  • The states with the greatest cumulative increases in the number of abortions since Dobbs are Illinois, California, and Florida.

Share your data

For the data to be as powerful as possible, we need ALL abortion providers to participate. Enroll your practice today and make sure that your work is counted! Contact WeCount@SocietyFP.org for more information.

Media inquiries

For media inquiries, contact SFP@ConwayStrategic.com.


#WeCount is made possible by the many abortion providers who generously reported their data in support of this effort, and support from the #WeCount Research Steering Committee, as well as the Society of Family Planning members. View the full list of contributors.

Abortion volumes during the first 12 months post-Dobbs

Interact with the map below to observe the changes in abortion volumes, by state, compared to an April 2022 (pre-Dobbs) baseline. View previous reports for more detailed information.