The Complex Family Planning Faculty Salary Report FY 2022 is the Society of Family Planning’s first review of full-time medical school faculty compensation for Complex Family Planning (CFP) full-time paid faculty, chairs, and chiefs.

Sample findings

The total mean compensation for all faculty was $277,496 and the median was $268,440.

CFP professor salaries were 37% above the national average for professors in the basic sciences, and 24% below the national average for professors in the clinical sciences.

The Society conducted the survey to support complex family planning subspecialists with their salary negotiations and to provide information regarding compensation to those who consider applying to become a subspecialist in this field. 

We are hopeful this information could also be of value to institutional leaders and others in the field of family planning.

Meet the Fellows


Amy Paris, MD, MS

Director of Family Planning
Dartmouth Health

“I carry with me the stories of patients whose lives were saved and whose lives were changed for the better by being able to access abortion care.  This experience has made me resolute in my dedication to continue to work toward a goal of equitable reproductive health care for all.”