The Society of Family Planning is excited to serve as the home to the Implant Removal Centers of Experience Initiative, which aims to increase timely access to difficult and non-palpable contraceptive implant removal by defining, identifying, and connecting clinicians and implant users to Centers of Experience (COEs) within the US.

Although infrequent, difficult implant removals, particularly non-palpable—sometimes referred to as “deep”—implants often require care from a clinician experienced in this type of removal. COEs are clinicians and facilities that have experience in localizing and removing difficult or non-palpable implants, and who have access to the tools and resources necessary for these procedures. Because these types of removals are relatively rare, many clinicians with experience inserting and removing contraceptive implants may not have the experience or tools for the removal of a difficult or non-palpable implant.

The Implant Removal Centers of Experience Initiative is a multi-phased initiative that includes

Convening a COE Steering Panel to develop standards and qualifications for the Centers of Experience.

The COE Steering Panel is charged with developing standards and qualifications for COEs and providing expert input on subsequent components of the Implant Removal Centers of Experience Initiative.

Steering Panel members:

  • Paula Castaño, MD, MPH; Columbia University
  • Mitchell D Creinin, MD; University of California, Davis
  • Casey Duncan, MD, MS; University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston
  • David L Eisenberg, MD, MPH; Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine
  • Lisa Hofler, MD, MPH, MBA; University of New Mexico
  • Jasmine Patel, MD, MSc; University of California, Irvine

Identifying COEs across the US.

Developing a review and implementation approach that identifies current COEs and facilitates establishing new COEs that meet the standards and qualifications developed by the Steering Panel. Do you have experience in difficult or non-palpable implant removal and are not sure if you are a COE member? Please email

Developing a publicly available directory of COEs.

Sharing contact information for COEs will allow clinicians and patients to easily locate a COE clinician to care for difficult or non-palpable implant removal.

We welcome reflection and partnership as we work towards increasing timely access to difficult and non-palpable implant removal. For questions or to provide feedback, please contact