Welcome to Source for Science, the official podcast series of the Society of Family Planning. This series will cover the latest in abortion and contraception science and clinical care.

Emergency preparedness: Clinical recommendations for emergency contraception

June 1, 2023

In the latest episode of the Society’s podcast, Source for Science, Jennifer Salcedo, MD, MPH, MPP; Kelly Cleland, MPA, MPH; Ivana Thompson, MD, MSCI; and Nikita Kakkad discuss best practices in the provision of emergency contraception (EC), how healthcare providers support access to EC, and recommendations for addressing current barriers to care.

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In their hands: Advancing self-administration of DMPA

December 5, 2022

This episode features Anitra Beasley, MD, MPH; Sadia Haider, MD, MPH; and Jennifer Karlin, MD, PhD discussing the benefits of supporting self-administration of DMPA, the practical ways clinicians can offer their support, and how clinicians can overcome common challenges for supporting self-administration of DMPA.

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Clinician perspectives on self-managed abortion

July 13, 2022

This episode features Nisha Verma, MD, MPH, FACOG; Sarah Prager, MD, MAS; and Tania Serna, MD with a discussion of clinician experiences with self-managed abortion. Our expert faculty explores the role that clinicians can play in interacting with patients who have chosen to self-manage their abortion, and strategies for ensuring equitable abortion access both in and outside of the formal healthcare system.

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July 6, 2022

Trailer episode for Source for Science, the official podcast series of the Society of Family Planning.

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