You can now receive safe and effective abortions outside of the standard care model; ultimately, the best abortion route is the one that works for you.

Abortion care in the US is undergoing seismic shifts, but the science says one thing remains the same: there are many routes to getting safe abortion care. To bring this large body of research to a larger audience, we developed a new video resource for people seeking care, “A safe abortion that works for you.” This video presents the several abortion options that pregnant people can safely choose from– from self-managed abortion to clinic-based care– as underscored by science. Key evidence-based messages are anchored on the expertise of many community members, including Oriaku NjokuAbigail Aiken, MD, PhD, MPH; Ushma Upadhyay, PhD, MPH; and Kristyn Brandi, MD, MPH. Thank you to all who contributed to this effort.

Please join us in watching and sharing this resource broadly with your networks, on social media using the hashtag #ScienceSays, or in your patient-facing communications. If you are interested in learning more about evidence-based paths to safe abortion care, consider joining the conversation in the members-only community forum #ScienceSays, or browsing our public repository of free and evidence-based clinical guidance. If you are not yet a Society of Family Planning member, consider joining us today.