The Abortion Clinical Research Network (the Network) works collaboratively with researchers, abortion providers, partners, and patients to answer pressing clinical questions to improve abortion quality, safety, efficiency, and access.

Sites: The Network includes nearly 70 sites representing independent clinics, Planned Parenthood affiliates, and academic centers.

Network studies: In effort to provide real-time tracking of the impact of COVID-19 on abortion and contraception care, the Network launched the study “Family planning visits during the COVID-19 pandemic.” This study aims to document changes in service delivery and the uptake of clinical innovations in response to the pandemic.

More than 70 sites are participating in this study, including independent clinics, Planned Parenthood affiliates, and university/hospital-based practices. Sites are geographically diverse and include those providing contraception and abortion services.

This data collection project will run from April to December 2020 and consists of three surveys and one in-depth interview. In addition to publishing our own findings, the Society is committed to sharing data from this study with other investigators. The goal of our data sharing program is to support new research questions and advance the research work of our members and partners. To learn more about the dataset and submit a data request form, click here.

In 2019, the Network launched its first study, “Biomarkers of Gestational Age” at ten of the Network sites. Lead by Susan Fisher, PhD of the University of California, San Francisco, this study is evaluating unique protein markers in blood samples from pregnant patients and correlating them with gestational age. The long-term goal of this analysis is to develop a point-of-care blood test for accurate gestational age dating.

Technical assistance: Technical assistance is provided to all Network sites to support developing and expanding a research program. Examples of technical assistance include personalized support working with IRBs, successfully integrating research into clinic flow, and making research a positive addition to the clinic for patients, staff, and management.

Oversight: The Network is overseen by the Abortion Clinical Research Network Working Group.

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Questions about the Network can be directed to Dr. Mary Tschann at

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