“Family planning visits during the COVID-19 pandemic” dataset summary

The Network’s study, Family planning visits during the COVID-19 pandemic, captures changes in clinical practice as reported by more than 70 clinics throughout the US. Participating clinics provide abortion and/or contraceptive services and include independent providers, Planned Parenthood affiliates, and academically-affiliated practices. This survey is focused on clinic-level modifications to contraception and abortion services in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. No patient-level data is collected.

As the study is completed, a de-identified dataset will made available to researchers. In total, the dataset will include up to three surveys and one in-depth-interview from each site. Survey questions are related but not identical across each survey (time periods 1, 2, and 3), reflecting an iterative process meant to respond to the changing nature of the pandemic. Time period 1 (T1) survey questions can be found here. Feedback about survey questions or in-depth interview guides is welcome as we revise between each data collection period. Please send your comments to Mary Tschann at MTschann@SocietyFP.org.

Data collection time periods:

  • Time period 1 (T1): February – April 2020 (data available July 2020)
  • Time period 2 (T2): May – July 2020 (data available in September 2020)
  • Time period 3 (T3):  August – October 2020 (data available in December 2020)
  • In-depth interviews (IDI): October – December 2020 (data available in February 2021)

Data requests can be made here

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