Translating evidence-based family planning research into primary care clinical settings
Awarded 2015
Midcareer/Mentor Grants
Emily Godfrey, MD, MPH
University of Washington

I seek a Midcareer Mentoring Award to achieve my long-term career objectives: (1) reduce unintended pregnancy through interventions that enhance safe contraceptive health care delivery and improve access for disparate populations and (2) foster a cadre of research-scientists working to enhance family planning services in primary care settings. Since 2006, I have mentored 37 trainees. I have first-authored more than 12 peer-reviewed publications and contributed to another 20, including two national CDC family planning guidelines. Since coming to the University of Washington (UW) just over two years ago, I have had 70% protected time to develop a strong working relationship with our interdisciplinary Division of Family Planning and Fellowship in Family Planning, resulting in innovative research and a rich research agenda. I have also capitalized on UW Family Medicine’s rich connections with rural primary care, having received funding to study rural family physicians’ contraceptive prescribing practices among women with cardiovascular disease. I continue to include mentees at different levels of training. My leadership in research has prompted an opportunity for me to become a director of the National Research Service Award (NRSA) Family Medicine Research Fellowship at UW. Despite these successes, as I finish my third year at UW, this generous funding support will end, obligating me to reduce my time spent on family planning-related research and mentoring. This SFP Midcareer Mentoring Award would enable me to continue working with current mentees and to embrace my new and exciting role as a NRSA Family Medicine Research Fellowship Director.