Acceptability and feasibility of a pictorial text message menstrual diary in a diverse, low income, US population
Awarded 2018
Complex Family Planning Fellowship Research
Lauren Naliboff, DO
New York University School of Medicine

This will be a prospective, observational cohort study. The objective of this study is to evaluate for feasibility and acceptability the use of a pictorial menstrual chart via text messaging in a diverse, low income, low education, low literacy US population. 
Any patient who presents for insertion of an ENG implant or LNG-IUS will be offered enrollment. Subjects who agree to enrollment will be given instructions on how to complete the text message response to the PBAC. They will text their bleeding information daily for two weeks, weekly for 6 months, and monthly for a second 6-month period.
The long term goal, if the pictorial text messaging chart is found to be acceptable, will be to build a database of bleeding patterns that can be used for many studies in the future.