Offering same-day counseling and vasectomy at Planned Parenthood of Utah: A longitudinal mixed methods study
Awarded 2017
Complex Family Planning Fellowship Research
Holly Bullock, MD, MPH
University of Utah

Vasectomy is an underutilized sterilization method despite its lower cost, superior safety, and greater efficacy when compared to female sterilization. Few interventions decreasing health system barriers to vasectomy have been studied. Nationwide, Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) affiliates provide low-cost vasectomy in 15 states, with 14/15 requiring a two-visit model: one counseling visit and a separate procedure visit. This two-visit model may be an access barrier for men who desire a vasectomy.
This study offers men pursuing vasectomy same-day counseling and vasectomy or a standard two-visit approach. We will explore men’s decision-making processes and their experience with each portion of the visit using mixed methods.