Changemakers in Family Planning: Jusung Lee
Abortion, Contraception
Awarded 2022
Changemakers in Family Planning
Jusung Lee, PhD
University of Texas at San Antonio

Jusung Lee is a health services researcher and his scholarly work focuses on the intersection of health policy and individuals’ health behaviors and health status, with an emphasis on racial minorities and underserved populations. Previously, he served as a Research Associate at East Tennessee State University where he was involved in women’s health research on pregnancy, contraception, and abortion issues. He seeks an independent body of research centered on the role of social determinants of health, including social policy at various levels, in improving reproductive health and reducing health disparities.

Jusung Lee grew up in South Korea, where he completed his education and worked as an administrator in healthcare. In the United States, he has earned a Master of Health Administration from the University of North Texas Health Science Center and a Doctoral degree in Health Services Research from Texas A&M University.

With training and experience in both healthcare and public health, he perceives that surrounding factors, including public policy and social structure, affect the health of individuals. The current Institution, the University of Texas at San Antonio, is positioned in San Antonio, TX, which has unique population characteristics with a large Hispanic/Latino population. Many of these minority women are underserved and disadvantaged and experience poor reproductive health. Although the current Institution is committed to tackling health challenges in the community, reproductive health research is limited. He aims to develop an independent body of research on the effects of social determinants of health on racial minorities’ reproductive health.