Changemakers in Family Planning: Cirila Estela Vasquez Guzman
Abortion, Contraception
Awarded 2022
Changemakers in Family Planning
Cirila Estela Vasquez Guzman, PhD
Oregon Health & Science University

As a first-generation Latina immigrant indigenous scholar, Cirila Estela Vasquez Guzman aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice from an equity and inclusion perspective in order to reduce inequities in health access and outcomes. She is trained as a medical sociologist and brings expertise in conducting research with Latinx populations, community-based-participatory-research (CBPR), and anti-racism in medical education. Dr. Vasquez Guzman wants to expand this type of work and move into the field of family planning specifically. Her research goal is to make both theoretical and applied contributions to the field of family planning with timely, culturally tailored, and trauma informed approaches for diverse populations. This career development award is crucial to allowing her to have the dedicated support, time, and resources to expand her knowledge of family planning, including contraception and abortion services and concepts such as reproductive justice, and develop her independent program of family planning research. Over the long-term Dr. Vasquez Guzman aims to become a successful independent researcher addressing reproductive and sexual health inequities among Latinas. She will build an evidence base for a reproductive and sexual health services interventions, including contraception and abortion, that are contextually and culturally relevant and that can address common structural risk factors across marginalized and traumatized populations, with a focus on Spanish-speaking undocumented immigrants. As an early career investigator, she is very excited at the prospect of launching her career and growing her identity in the area of sexual health and family planning.