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The Society of Family Planning Research Fund (SFPRF) provides grants for research on abortion and contraception. The focus of our grantmaking is on research in the US.

We offer targeted funding opportunities designed to further two strategies named in our strategic plan:

  • Build and support an inclusive, multidisciplinary, diverse, skilled, and well-connected community of emerging and established scholars and partners who have a shared focus on the science and clinical care of family planning. Funding opportunities supporting this strategy are scholar-focused.
  • Support and advocate for the production of research primed for impact. Funding opportunities supporting this strategy are topic-focused.

Examples of previous funding opportunities include:

2019 Increasing access to medication abortion in the US, Part II

Purpose: To increase access to medication abortion in the US, specifically for populations not currently benefiting from its availability.

SMFM and SFP Bridge Builder Awards

Purpose: To cultivate a more dynamic relationship between the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM) and Society of Family Planning’s (SFP) memberships and scholarship in order to improve research and clinical practice.

2019 Changemakers in Family Planning

Purpose: To provide dedicated support to researchers of color

2019 Emerging Scholars in Family Planning

Purpose: To support trainees to establish a family planning research portfolio

2018 Increasing access to medication abortion

Purpose: To increase access to medication abortion across the US through impactful, innovative, and forward-looking research Learn more about the 2019 increasing access to medication abortion grants.

By offering targeted funding opportunities, we seek to concentrate our finite resources where there is the greatest need and support innovative and impactful projects and scholars. We rely on peer review processes to drive award decisions in order to strengthen the rigor and impact of the research funded and the capacity of the family planning research community more broadly.

If you are a current grantee of SFPRF seeking assistance or a potential grantee seeking additional information, we welcome the opportunity to be in touch via Grant applicants need not be SFP members. SFPRF actively cultivates disciplinary, organizational, and demographic diversity of who is at the family planning research table.


Ongoing learning helps us accelerate the impact of our grantmaking. We systematically reflect on the impact of grants we fund and our grantmaking processes.

In 2017, we conducted a retrospective evaluation of our investment in family planning research. The results of this analysis directed us to move towards more focused funding opportunities, including longer-term and larger investments, and to prioritize partnerships between researchers and knowledge brokers. Read more about our evaluation here or contact to get a copy of the article.

Past evaluation of this work are:

Assessing research impact: a framework and an evaluation of the Society of Family Planning Research Fund’s grantmaking (2007-2017)
Proposals received and grants funded 2007-2017
Proposals received and grants funded 2007-2016

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