The Society of Family Planning seeks to build and support an inclusive, multidisciplinary, skilled, and well-connected community with a shared focus on family planning. This includes those working in community-based organizations, whom the scientific community has often excluded and delegitimized, reflecting the privilege-based gatekeeping in academic spaces.

Through the Honoring community-based organizations as knowledge generators funding opportunity, the Society will support and elevate the knowledge of individuals working at community-based organizations, with a focus on lifting up knowledge that centers the needs and preferences of communities whose access to abortion care is constrained by systems of oppression.

We are excited to announce the knowledge generating efforts supported by these awards, and encourage you to learn more about their work.

Advancing a full spectrum midwifery model rooted in reproductive justice
CHOICES: Center for Reproductive Health

Operationalizing reproductive justice in clinical care
Feminist Women’s Health Center

Destigmatizing and advancing abortion access through community empowerment
Florida Access Network

Haymarket Pole Collective compassionate care support network
Haymarket Pole Collective

Luz de Atabey midwifery project
Luz de Atabey Midwifery Project

Building awareness and educating the community about self-managed abortions within the AAPI community
National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum 

Towards reproductive justice and family planning access
The Afiya Center

Generating community knowledge in South Dakota
The Pasque Project