Anna Chatillon, PhD, Resound Research for Reproductive Health

Minors in restricted access states face unique barriers navigating to out-of-state abortion care owing to their lack of familiarity with healthcare systems and limited financial resources; parental involvement laws may further complicate the burdensome process of out-of-state travel. However, there are limited data on how minors identify and leverage the resources they need to obtain ...Read more >

Jayme Trevino, MD, MPH, Washington University

Dr. Jayme Trevino is a current first-year Complex Family Planning Fellow at Washington University in St. Louis, MO. She is originally from San Antonio, TX, where she completed her Doctor of Medicine and Master of Public Health degrees. Dr. Trevino is interested in researching how public policy affects reproductive health equity, especially in regions with ...Read more >

Julia Tasset, MD, MPH, Oregon Health and Science University

Medication abortion (MAB) is common, safe, effective, and well tolerated. However, the current socio-legal climate has put significant barriers between pregnant people people and abortion. As such, clinicians and advocates are developing alternative models of medication delivery. One such option is to provide advanced provision (AP) prescription of MAB for patient use in case of ...Read more >

Abby Schultz, MD, University of North Carolina School of Medicine

Abby Schultz, MD received her BA in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Fine Arts at Cornell College. After graduating, she taught middle school in Memphis, Tennessee. Teaching in a county with high teenage pregnancy rates and limited sexual health education inspired her to pursue a career in medicine and reproductive justice. She received her MD ...Read more >

Paige Kendall, MD, University of Colorado, Denver

Dr. Paige Kendall is a first-year Complex Family Planning fellow at the University of Colorado. She attended medical school at the University of California, Davis and then completed a residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern University. Her educational experiences have afforded her a diversity of research experiences, culminating in a focus in family planning. ...Read more >

Ashley Jeanlus, MD, University of California, San Francisco

Complex Family Planning subspecialists have a critical role to improve the quality, safety, and value of health care experiences and facilitate community and health system uptake of evidence, empathy, and equity-based interventions into practice and policy across the sexual, reproductive, and perinatal life course of Black women, mothers, and people. This qualitative study will amplify ...Read more >

Isa Ryan, MD, Northwestern University

Little is known about patients’ experiences of grief after abortion for fetal indications or pregnancy complications in the second trimester. The typical grief response is a process of expected distress during the acute grief period with a transition to integrated grief marked by the development of healthy coping skills and acceptance of the loss. While ...Read more >

Selina Sandoval, MD, University of California, San Diego

We plan to perform a multi-phase project, using implementation science methodologies, to explore pharmacist provision of medication abortion. We will perform an online survey, followed by semi-structured interviews with pharmacists currently prescribing contraception to identify barriers and facilitators to pharmacist provision of medication abortion. The survey and interviews will explore feasibility, acceptability and appropriateness of ...Read more >

Lauren Sobel, DO, MPH, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Lifetime intimate partner violence (IPV) among individuals seeking abortion is estimated to be between 26% and 39%. The economic and psychosocial stressors associated with COVID-19 mandatory lockdowns have resulted in increased IPV. The prevalence of medication abortion has increased over the past decade, while surgical abortion has decreased. Yet individuals who are not safe at ...Read more >

Josephine Urbina, MD, University of California, San Francisco

This is a qualitative study aiming to understand Latinx individuals’ attitudes, experiences and decision making with abortion. We propose an exploratory study of Latinx women from 3 US metropolitan areas with the largest Latinx population: Los Angeles, New York City and Miami. We will recruit participants using social media and confirm history of abortion prior ...Read more >

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