Towards reproductive justice and family planning access

Awarded 2022
Honoring community-based organizations as knowledge generators
D'Andra Willis
The Afiya Center

The Afiya Center (TAC) was founded in response to the increasing disparities between HIV incidences nationwide and the extraordinary prevalence of HIV among Black womxn and girls in Texas. We have long recognized that change can only occur when looking at the systemic and environmental concerns that position Black womxn to experience health disparities at higher rates than other individuals. TAC is unique because we serve as the only Black reproductive justice organization in North Texas. We intentionally prioritize our affinity to serve Black womxn, girls, femmes, and transgender/gender non-conforming people throughout Texas, consistent and unapologetic in advocacy for Black womxn in Texas. We seek to assist in elevating and addressing their experiences through the use of the reproductive justice lens, believing that this platform serves not only as an avenue for raising awareness but also for establishing true advocacy work rooted in self-actualization and powerful storytelling. The relevance of The Afiya Center has proven the people who are doing this work are those who are most directly impacted by it. We are the very folk that our mission speaks to support. We tell our own stories, speak our right now truths, create programming and policy that address the nuanced experiences that we live. During this grant period, we hope to deepen the sum of our work to ensure the sustainability of the critical resources and support that we provide, acknowledging that without moving into this next phase, it is likely that Black womxn will continue to die preventable deaths.