The financial ripple effects of abortion seekers in the post-Dobbs landscape
Awarded 2023
Emerging Scholars in Family Planning
Nicole Quinones, MPH
CHOICES: Center for Reproductive Health

Access to abortion is tied to financial ability to pay for the procedure, even for those who have health insurance. Since the Dobbs ruling, the financial barriers to access abortion care have only been exacerbated since more people have been pushed to cross state lines in order to access this health care service. Abortion seekers who identify with marginalized communities face the most barriers to access abortion care. Financial assistance from abortion funds and other organizations are strained to keep up with the increasing financial and logistical needs of abortion seekers. This qualitative research project aims to describe and document the downstream financial ripple effects of abortion seeking observed by abortion funders in the post-Dobbs landscape and will serve as the formative work to create a measurement of financial burden experienced by abortion seekers.