SMFM and SFP Bridge Builder Award: Stephanie Dukhovny
Awarded 2020
SMFM and SFP Bridge Builder
Stephanie Dukhovny, MD, MA
Oregon Health & Sciences University

After I finished my undergraduate degree at Santa Clara University in California, I moved to Boston where I completed my medical school training at Boston University School of Medicine. I was fortunate to stay at Boston Medical Center for my residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology, a department that had both strong Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) and Family Planning divisions. Early in my residency training, one of the MFM faculty members recognized the overlap of my interests in reproductive rights and fetal anomalies, and helped to cultivate my career towards a combined fellowship in MFM and Genetics. I ultimately went on to become the first MFM/Genetics Fellow at the Harvard Medical School (HMS) joint program between the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and HMS Medical Genetics Residency Combined Training Program. My professional goals have continued to evolve around taking care of women who have pregnancies diagnosed with fetal anomalies and/or genetic conditions. After completion of this the combined fellowship, I moved back to the west coast with my family, and took a faculty position at Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU) as the Associate Director of the Fetal Therapy Program. The Fetal Therapy Program is an exceptional service that provides complex multidisciplinary care to patients diagnosed with fetal anomalies. As an MFM /Genetics provider in the Fetal Therapy Program, I am able to provide accurate, unbiased, and evidence-based options counseling to families affected by fetal anomalies, alongside an exceptional group of dedicated staff and subspecialty providers.