The research mentorship toolkit: Development of an online resource for members of the Society of Family Planning
Abortion, Contraception
Awarded 2014
Midcareer/Mentor Grants
Jeanelle Sheeder, PhD, MSPH
University of Colorado

This mid-career mentorship project will support the development of an online research mentorship toolkit. At the University of Colorado, we have developed a successful research program in family planning. A significant contributor to the success we have achieved is the inclusion of mentees on virtually every project and at every level. This process has been somewhat informal. In this project, I propose to systematically evaluate current and previous family planning research projects at the University of Colorado to evaluate these processes and formalize the methods we have used to lay the foundation for an online research mentorship toolkit that will be available to Society members. As part of the development, I will also conduct a mentorship needs assessment of Society members and family planning fellows to inform the toolkit framework and content. The final product will be an online toolkit that will support mentorship in family planning research, promote national collaboration, and create the opportunity for mentorship by encouraging users to contribute to content that has not yet been developed. This project will also serve as a mentorship opportunity. At each phase of the project, I will identify appropriate mentees with whom I will work, to develop the study, create surveys and data collection instruments, enter, analyze, and synthesize data, and complete project-related reports, presentations, and manuscripts.