Does concomitant use of combined oral hormonal steroids stop bleeding in women using etonogestrel implants (Implanon/Nexplanon)?: A randomized controlled study
Awarded 2013
Trainee Grants
Madeline McBride, MD
University of Colorado

The etonogestrel (ENG) contraceptive implant (Implanon/Nexplanon) is one of the most effective forms of contraception available. Continuation rates in published studies of Implanon range from 55%-90%; one of the most common reasons for discontinuation is the complaint of “bleeding problems” such as prolonged and frequent bleeding patterns. There is limited evidence supporting ways to improve bleeding for Implanon users. Identifying ways to improve bleeding patterns for Implanon users who complain of frequent or prolonged bleeding may improve contraceptive satisfaction and continuation. We will determine if concomitant use of combined oral hormonal steroids during a 14-day course stops bleeding for ENG contraceptive implant users.