Patient satisfaction with video visits for contraceptive counseling: an exploratory study using a patient-reported outcome measure
Awarded 2021
Complex Family Planning Fellowship Research
Alexandra Monaco, MD
Columbia University

During the COVID-19 pandemic, video visits have been more widely used for contraceptive counseling. Patient satisfaction with video visits for contraceptive counseling has not yet been evaluated. A patient-reported outcome measure (PRO-PM) was developed to evaluate the interpersonal quality of contraceptive counseling (Dehlendorf 2018).

This will be an exploratory survey with the primary outcome being patient satisfaction scores after video visits for contraceptive counseling. Research questions include: How does the patient-reported outcome measure tested after in-person contraceptive visits perform after video visits? Are the video visits associated with high patient satisfaction? What patient characteristics are associated with high satisfaction?

We will recruit English and Spanish-speaking patients, ages 18 and older, who undergo video visits for contraception. Respondents will be recruited from the two Family Planning practices at Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

Family Planning NPs and physicians will complete counseling by video visits, per clinical routine. After receiving counseling, we will contact eligible patients by text message within 48 hours after the visit to respond to a survey. We will use the PRO-PM, a 4-item survey adapted by Dehlendorf et al, to evaluate patient satisfaction, in addition to demographic questions.

We will be able to evaluate patient satisfaction with video visits, alongside other contraceptive performance measures already tracked by the hospital, like uptake of moderately and highly effective methods. As the practices expand using video visits for contraceptive counseling with medically complex patients, it will be possible to evaluate patient satisfaction in these expanded populations.