Is myTIPreport a valid and optimized tool for assessing procedural skills of Complex Family Planning fellows?
Awarded 2021
Complex Family Planning Fellowship Research
Mack Goldberg, MD
University of Pittsburgh

myTIPreport, a web-based trainee feedback platform, has been adopted for use by all Fellowship in Complex Family Planning (CFP) sites. This evaluation tool has been validated for providing feedback for both procedures and milestones in Obstetrics and Gynecology four-year residency programs and a three-year subspecialty, Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. Given the shorter timeframe of the CFP Fellowship (2 years), myTIPreport may not be adequate for skills assessment alone. One method to improve myTIPreport within this context is through development of “frame-of-reference ” training, which aims to familiarize teachers with the rating scale used for assessing skills acquisition and providing feedback. By including this faculty development component in conjunction with myTIPreport, the evaluative process may be optimized for delivery of consistent, objective, and reliable feedback to learners within the shorter two-year CFP fellowship training period. This project aims to both retrospectively assess the validity of current use of myTIPreport evaluations for family planning-specific procedural skill acquisition and to prospectively test if satisfaction with feedback using myTIPreport assessments is improved by adding a “frame-of-reference ” training for evaluators. As a secondary aim, we will also prospectively explore whether the combination of myTIPreport and “frame-of-reference ” training contributes to better internal consistency of skill acquisition evaluations.