A qualitative study of women’s experiences with delays in abortion care in California
Awarded 2020
Complex Family Planning Fellowship Research
Christina Jung, MD
University of California, Los Angeles

This qualitative study will recruit participants from an ongoing study at UCLA (PI: Korotkaya) looking at two, high-volume urban clinical sites in Los Angeles operated by Family Planning Associates (FPA) to assess the proportion of patients who have previously visited crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) and experienced delays in time to abortion. So far, about 30% of these women have agreed to be re-contacted for follow-up in-depth interviews, of whom 25% have had either three or more visits elsewhere prior to FPA, or waited over two weeks from time of first contact to abortion. Of the total pool of 102 eligible participants, we seek about 20-25 participants to interview until reaching data saturation. We will examine women’s sociodemographic characteristics and descriptive statistics from the quantitative study to determine the purposive sampling strategy for the qualitative study (e.g., race/ethnicity; age) if needed. We may also recruit clinic staff and providers to facilitate identification of modifiable, structural-level factors that may contribute to delays in abortion care-seeking.