“At your cervix”: A mobile application to improve patient satisfaction with long-acting reversible contraception
Awarded 2019
Complex Family Planning Fellowship Research
Stacy Sun, MD, MS
Johns Hopkins University

Even after receiving contraceptive counselling and obtaining a method of choice, women may have ongoing questions and concerns. Those who are poorly served by existing healthcare settings may feel unwilling to seek further reproductive care. Others may develop a distrust of the healthcare system and prefer not to follow-up. One way to promote patient satisfaction and autonomy with contraceptive method is to provide resources through anonymous means, such as a mobile phone application (“app”). Several studies demonstrate their acceptability and feasibility in sexual health education and contraceptive counselling. To date, no studies evaluate their effect on patient satisfaction and ability to address continuing contraception concerns. This study aims to create an easy-to-use app that serves to answer these ongoing questions, specifically for LARC methods. We will facilitate focus groups to guide development of an app to address common contraceptive questions women have while using LARC, such as those related to bleeding, pain and discomfort, and misconceptions. We will then pilot the app with patients who initiate a LARC method. We hypothesize that use of the app will support patients throughout their use of a LARC, both in addressing residual questions after initial LARC use as well as ongoing questions as they arise.