Self-induced abortion in Bangladesh: Assessing barriers to legal abortion care
Awarded 2018
Complex Family Planning Fellowship Research
Bonnie Crouthamel, MD
University of California, San Diego

This is a mixed methods study involving a cross-sectional questionnaire, and in-depth interviews, among women of reproductive age presenting for MR or PAC in urban family planning clinics in Bangladesh.  Upon presenting for care, consenting women will be asked to participate in a survey assessing the patient’s demographics, area of residence, personal and community beliefs about MR and abortion, if they received any abortion care prior to presenting to clinic, the nature of that care, if they were turned away from clinics, and if they attempted to self-induce abortion.  Participants that report receiving abortion care prior to coming to clinic, or that attempted to self-induce abortion, will be asked to participate in qualitative in-depth interviews assessing logistical and cultural barriers to accessing MR.  In-depth interviews will also be performed among family planning providers to gain insight into logistical and cultural barriers to accessing MR care and to inform the development of interventions aimed at increasing access to legal abortion care.