Exploring equity and person-centered care in telemedicine contraception among patients who speak Spanish: A mixed-methods study
Awarded 2022
Contraceptive equity in telehealth
Marielle Meurice, MD
University of California San Diego

The COVID-19 pandemic rapidly increased the use of telemedicine in healthcare, including contraception care. Little is known about the implications of using a telemedicine platform for equity and person-centeredness of care. We propose a sequential mixed-method study that seeks to understand the experience of contraception counseling through telemedicine for patients who speak Spanish at Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest that serves San Diego, Imperial, and Riverside counties. Our mixed-methods approach utilizes in-depth interviews and a survey to better understand the barriers and facilitators to telemedicine and the experience of person-centered contraception care. We will center the voices of our participants by using in-depth interviews. Utilizing a community-based participatory design, we will work with community stakeholders to inform study design and to interpret results throughout the project. This approach will ensure that we engage both scientific researchers and community members to help reduce disparities in telemedicine. The results of this study will help to inform barriers and facilitators to care and to promote more equitable access to quality, person-centered contraception care via telemedicine for patients who speak Spanish. This study has the potential to not only improve and refine our institutional practices, but also inform evidence-based policies and build on our understanding of equity and telemedicine.