A pilot study to develop and evaluate a group prenatal contraception counseling model to improve postpartum contraceptive care
Awarded 2016
Complex Family Planning Fellowship Research
Neena Qasba, MD
Yale University

The perinatal period is an important time to counsel patients and initiate a highly effective method of postpartum contraception. While the evidence of safety, effectiveness, and long-term continuation of postpartum contraception is established, less is known about the best approaches to counsel patients about their options for postpartum contraception. Within women’s health care and preventative counseling, one modality of care that has demonstrated an increase in patient knowledge and improved birth outcomes is group prenatal care. There is limited research on whether group contraceptive counseling is acceptable to women or effective at improving postpartum contraception use. Outside of the model of full group prenatal care, it is unknown if adding structured group contraceptive counseling improves postpartum contracpetion initiation. We will perform a mixed methods study to develop and pilot a group prenatal contraception counseling model.