Gabapentin as an adjunct to perioperative pain management for surgical abortion: A randomized controlled trial
Awarded 2016
Complex Family Planning Fellowship Research
Tiffany Hailstorks, MD
Emory University

We propose a novel use of oral gabapentin administered in conjunction with local anesthesia via paracervical block for first surgical abortion.  The use of gabapentin in the setting of abortion has never been evaluated; however, it is used routinely and successfully in several similar surgical settings as an adjunct to pain management regimens.  It is generally well tolerated and inexpensive, with minimal side effects and few contraindications. Innovation in pain control and reduction of anxiety, nausea and vomiting using a low cost, well-tolerated intervention could impact thousands of women each year. When used in other gynecologic settings, gabapentin has been shown to improve pain scores, and reduce nausea and vomiting.  In outpatient settings similar to surgical abortion, perioperative gabapentin has been shown to decrease post-operative opioid consumption and anxiety.