Changemakers in Family Planning: Adrienne Ghorashi
Awarded 2021
Changemakers in Family Planning
Adrienne Ghorashi, JD
Temple University Beasley School of Law

Adrienne Ghorashi, JD is a Program Manager at the Center for Public Health Law Research at Temple University’s Beasley School of Law. Ms. Ghorashi is passionate about building multidisciplinary, open access, and community-engaged research that examines the role of laws and policies in creating or mitigating structural barriers to equitable abortion access through a Reproductive Justice framework. Her proposed scholarship would analyze the intersection of abortion-related policies and policies addressing social determinants of health as a driver of structural racism and resulting health disparities. Her role at the Center involves shaping interdisciplinary research projects using legal epidemiology methods to facilitate rigorous policy evaluation. Specifically, she brings experience in applying legal epidemiology to the regulation of abortion in order to better understand the impact of abortion laws on health and social outcomes. She has also led collaborative studies on a range of other public health legal topics including paid sick leave laws and fair housing laws. Her background as a social justice lawyer informs her intersectional and cross-disciplinary approach to family planning research. Additionally, Ms. Ghorashi is committed to authentically fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in academic spaces and engaging community perspectives in policy research—which she sees as an essential extension of Reproductive Justice tenets. This award would support her leadership in the field of family planning by providing her with the necessary career development and leveraging her unique combination of background and experience to bridge gaps between law, public health, academia, and the community.