Online training for internists interested in offering medication abortion
Awarded 2018
Increasing access to medication abortion
Eleanor Schwarz, MD, MS
University of California, Davis

Background: This project will build upon existing training resources to develop and pilot a free, online, training resource titled “Medication Abortion in Primary Care.” This training will be designed to meet the needs of general Internists, and other primary care providers who may not be comfortable performing intrauterine procedures. By providing clinicians a continuing medical education certificate documenting “proof of training” we will facilitate clinical champions’ abilities to convince their clinic administrators to stock mifepristone.

Methods: Our multidisciplinary team of clinician educators will work with an experienced Web Designer using multimedia tools to produce an engaging and informative course for adult learners. Video clips will be used to demonstrate how easily mifepristone can be incorporated into a busy primary care practice and interactive quiz questions will highlight key learning objectives. We will conduct usability testing of this online training with a diverse sample of Internists, with careful consideration of the ways training needs may vary by level of training, gender, practice setting (i.e. academic vs community practice), and geographic location.

Proposed analysis: We will qualitatively analyze feedback related to each component of this online training, revising the training as suggested. We will then work to build links that promote traffic to and from training resources offered by Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Federation, the Training in Early Abortion for Comprehensive Healthcare site, and the Reproductive Health Access Project.