Randomized controlled trial of physician self-disclosure of personal intrauterine device use vs. usual contraceptive counseling
Awarded 2011
Complex Family Planning Fellowship Research
Mya Zapata, MD, MSc
University of Michigan

The purpose of this pilot study is to explore the impact of physician self disclosure (PSD) of personal intrauterine contraception (IUC) use during contraceptive counseling. We hypothesize that PSD of IUC use positively impacts patients during contraceptive counseling. To study this we will conduct a prospective randomized block design pilot trial at the University of Michigan obstetrics and gynecology (OBGYN) clinics. The study will compare usual contraceptive counseling to usual counseling plus PSD. We will recruit OBGYN providers of reproductive age who are currently using IUCs as part of the intervention. Study subjects will be recruited from participating providers’ schedules, and on randomly assigned clinical days, each provider will or will not reveal her use of IUC to study participants. The assessment of primary and secondary outcomes will consist of pre- and post-intervention surveys, as well as two-month follow up surveys. In addition, subjects who complete the follow-up surveys will be invited to participate in focus groups to explore the subjects’ experience with contraceptive counseling with or without PSD. Participating providers will undergo in-depth interviews to explore the experience of PSD from the provider’s perspective.