Developing early-stage investigators to meet the Society of Family Planning research priorities
Abortion, Contraception
Awarded 2016
Midcareer/Mentor Grants
Bliss Kaneshiro, MD, MPH
University of Hawaii

The purpose of this research and career development proposal is to provide Bliss Kaneshiro MD, MPH, with funding to mentor early-stage family planning investigators as they become established researchers who implement high quality projects that meet the Society of Family Planning (SFP) Research Priorities. I will mentor early-stage investigators in four projects that meet six critical SFP Research Priorities [improving women’s abortion experience (Priority 1), pain management preferences for abortion (Priority 3), increasing medical abortion access (Priority 12), exploring pain management options for cervical preparation (Priority 5), and assessing the impact of insurance practices and the Affordable Care Act on the use of contraception and reproductive health outcomes (Priority 16, 18)]. The four proposed projects will advance abortion and contraceptive care and inform national guidelines. More importantly, through these projects, local and national leaders in family planning research, policy and advocacy will be developed. At the University of Hawaii (UH), I am building a full research team with complementary rather than duplicative expertise to address the SFP Research Priorities with multifaceted methodologies. Our measure of success will be our ability to obtain consistent extramural funding. With the assistance of SFP, we will establish UH as a leader in family planning research in a culturally diverse community and further contraceptive and abortion knowledge to improve the lives of women and their families around the world.