Contraceptive services in the safety net: Interdisciplinary innovations in using electronic health record data to study the impact of the Affordable Care Act
Awarded 2015
Interdisciplinary Innovation (Phase 1) Grants
Blair Darney, PhD, MPH
Oregon Health & Science University

We request funding for an interdisciplinary planning award to support the development of a rigorous research protocol to evaluate the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on contraceptive service provision in safety net clinics in the US. Our team includes Drs. Blair G. Darney, Maria I. Rodriguez, and Erika Cottrell, who bring, respectively, expertise in health services research methods, clinical and service delivery expertise and experience in policy evaluation, and deep knowledge about using electronic health record data for research. These funds leverage our previous work to extract baseline data and will give our team structured time and research support to analyze the baseline data, extract follow-up data, and convene two in-person workshops. The first workshop will focus on reviewing baseline data and generating hypotheses, the second will focus on developing the study design and analysis approaches for the full study. Important elements in the workshop include discussion of best practices for using electronic medical record data for health research, gaps in the current evidence about the ACA and contraception, and learning from ongoing work focused on ACA evaluation in other clinical areas.