Refining milestones for the Fellowship in Family Planning using a Delphi approach
Abortion, Contraception
Awarded 2016
Small Research Grants
Sabrina Holmquist, MD, MPH
University of Chicago

Objectives: Define a set of developmental milestones to measure progress through the family planning fellowship and determine readiness for independent practice based on consensus from a majority of fellowship program directors. Methods: Three rounds of surveys were conducted using the Delphi method: Round one solicited both quantitative and qualitative responses concerning the number and content of the individual milestones. These responses were used to create a structured survey identifying areas of consensus (defined as 80% or more respondents not suggesting revisions or deletion) and summarizing suggested revisions. Another round is being conducted, summarizing each item and its consensus rating. If consensus is still lacking after the third round, a fourth round may be required. All Delphi surveys were developed by the primary investigator, and distributed using electronic web-based survey software (Qualtrics). Results: 30 fellowship directors from all of the fellowship sites received surveys. 17 participants started the first round; 9 (30%) completed it. Of the initial 219 sub-competencies, 103 (47%) had suggested revisions. Respondents suggested combining milestones, eliminating others and introducing a new milestone area. To date, 18 subjects have completed round two; development of round 3 is ongoing. Conclusion: Participation to date suggests consensus regarding the importance and content of abortion and contraception milestones, and less consensus regarding communication and professionalism. Conclusions have been hampered by low survey completion rates and long intervals between rounds.