Bariatric surgeon practices regarding contraceptive care for reproductive age female patients obtaining bariatric surgery
Awarded 2011
Trainee Grants
Patricia Chico, MD
University of Illinois, Chicago

The obesity epidemic has been accompanied by an exponential increase in weight-reduction surgery. Nearly half of bariatric surgery patients are reproductive age women. While weight reduction surgery is associated with increased fertility, pregnancy in the post-operative period can result in maternal and fetal complications. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeons (ASMBS) recommend postponing pregnancy 12-18 months post-operatively. However, no data exists regarding bariatric surgeon practices regarding contraceptive care for reproductive age female patients. The primary objective is to assess bariatric surgeon practice patterns regarding perioperative contraceptive recommendations and provision for reproductive age female patients. The secondary objectives are to identify physician factors associated with specific surgeon practices regarding contraceptive recommendations and to evaluate bariatric surgeons’ knowledge regarding the impact of bariatric surgery on women’s fertility and contraceptive efficacy and safety. We will implement a web-based survey using Survey Monkey. The survey will assess demographic data, educational background, practice setting, pre-operative screening practices, pre-operative consultation requirements, recommendations regarding duration of post-operative contraceptive use, method of facilitating access to contraception, and comfort with prescribing contraception. Our study population will consist of members of the ASMBS. We will recruit participants through email invitations to members of the ASMBS, which consists of 1,503 bariatric surgeons. We will use SAS version 9.2 (for analyses using de-identified data. Analyses will consist of descriptive statistics and use of chi-square and t-tests to compare responses by demographic characteristics.