Developing a curriculum in adolescent family planning and reproductive health
Abortion, Contraception
Awarded 2011
Large Research Grants
Mandy Coles, MD, MPH
University of Rochester

Objectives: In 2011, I proposed to create a curriculum for adolescent medicine fellows to improve family planning and reproductive health service delivery and knowledge, and to enhance the reproductive health competence of future adolescent medicine physicians. At that time, and still today, there is no consistent curriculum for reproductive health or family planning training across adolescent medicine fellowships, although physicians spend half their time providing reproductive health, and needs assessments continue to identify gaps in family planning and reproductive health knowledge, practice, and training, and disparities between perceived training offered and reported training received during fellowship. Results: To date, significant portions of this curriculum have been developed and organized, including presentations, self-guided learning opportunities, discussion guides, and are organized into content outlines. Portions of this curriculum have already been evaluated by leaders in adolescent reproductive health, educators, fellows, and fellowship directors. The curriculum, known as The Adolescent Reproductive Health Curriculum, or ARhC, is partially available at ( with full content on two of the modules.