The Tubman travel project
Awarded 2024
Traveling to abortion care, post-Dobbs
Erika Ferguson, MA
New Mexico Religious Coalition For Reproductive Choice

The Texas Tubman Travel Project in collaboration with the New Mexico Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, aims to understand how social location influences the experiences of those seeking travel abortion care outside their state of residence, with a focus on challenges faced by people of color.
The Texas Tubman Travel Project, established in the fall of 2021, following the enactment of the Texas Heartbeat Act (Senate Bill 8), The project intensified efforts to support those needing to travel to New Mexico for abortion care, particularly after the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision.
Co-sponsored by First Unitarian Universalist Church of Dallas, the project has successfully assisted hundreds in accessing abortion care services. It operates a faith collaborative, supported by volunteers, with a reproductive justice framework.The project seeks to answer questions about the personal, social, environmental, and political challenges faced by abortion seekers in Texas post-Dobbs. Examining the influence and support provided by the Tubman Travel Project during the abortion care process. The project’s approach combines direct assistance with research to inform and improve clinical care, public policy, and health service delivery to address the disparities in abortion care access.