Journeying for choice: Exploring experiences of out-of-state travel for abortion in the deep South
Awarded 2024
Traveling to abortion care, post-Dobbs
Tyler Barbarin, BA
Louisiana Abortion Fund

Following the transformative U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization (June 2022), the Louisiana Abortion Fund (LAAF) stands as the sole abortion fund in a state where abortion is now illegal. Formerly the New Orleans Abortion Fund, LAAF is a pioneering, Black-led community fund in the Deep South, committed to dismantling barriers for individuals across Louisiana and the Gulf South accessing abortion care. A significant void exists in qualitative studies exploring the lived experiences of those navigating the complexities of post-Dobbs abortion services. Our team at LAAF is poised to bridge this gap with a groundbreaking qualitative research study aimed at collecting empirical evidence of decision-making factors, barriers, and facilitators associated with seeking and accessing abortion care beyond state borders and enhancing service delivery before, during, and after travel. The research team, composed of staff reflective of the racial and ethnic diversity of LAAF clients, has a long-standing history of interacting with individuals seeking funds, predating the trigger ban, and is deeply embedded in the Gulf South community. The direct statements and testimonies collected from our clients will not only enhance regional abortion services but also strategically inform efforts addressing critical issues related to accessibility and support for those traveling to access abortion care. In the pursuit of reproductive justice, the findings of this research will contribute to academic discourse but also empower advocacy efforts and transform abortion care services.