What are the prices of abortions later in pregnancy?
Awarded 2023
Later abortion service delivery, post-Dobbs
Tracy Weitz, PhD, MPA
American University

One of the most recognized barriers to abortion care is needing to raise the money to pay for the abortion and cover expenses associated with travel. This is particularly true for abortions at the end of or beyond the second trimester of pregnancy when the price of abortion rises and the locations for care are more limited. Yet, minimal data exists on what the actual prices are for these abortions. Nor it is clear whether people with Medicaid insurance coverage for abortions in the states where such coverage is allowed can use that insurance to pay for care later in pregnancy. More accurate data on pricing of abortions later in pregnancy is needed for research, advocacy, and philanthropic planning. This project uses a mystery caller data collection method to document the price of abortion care for abortions after 23 weeks of gestation and whether Medicaid coverage is accepted for this care.