Describing patient perspectives on the regional logistics center: Supporting abortion access through centralized support
Awarded 2023
Later abortion service delivery, post-Dobbs
Colleen McNicholas, DO, MSCI
Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri

Accessing abortion has always been over-regulated and unnecessarily difficult, particularly for marginalized individuals, including young people and those residing in the South and Midwest. Now, the pathway to care has become even more arduous and complicated, forcing many to obtain care further into a pregnancy as they navigate the additional financial and logistical barriers that exist in the post-Dobbs world. With new restrictions further delaying care and forcing patients to seek services further from home and at higher gestational ages, insights are critically needed on innovative methods that can mitigate such barriers to care.

This study will look at how patients are interacting with one of our biggest impact initiatives in the post-Roe world, the Regional Logistics Center (RLC) of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region & Southwest Missouri (PPSLRSWMO). This timely research will explore patient perceptions and support data in order to provide an understanding of how centralized funding and support hubs can facilitate more equitable abortion access. By capturing patient voices and perceptions, this research will illuminate journeys to accessing later abortions and will generate actionable knowledge to improve access and equity in a post-Dobbs landscape. The findings of this study should inform future development of patient-centered systems to enhance experiences and overcome barriers to later care during this crucial period for reproductive rights.