Preference for self-injection of subcutaneous DPMA among patients accessing contraception at a mobile clinic
Awarded 2022
In their hands: Exploring the potential of self-administered injectable contraception
Erin Rockwell, MPH
Plan A Health, Inc.

Plan A Health is a mobile clinic providing reproductive healthcare and primary care screenings in the Mississippi Delta. With this project, we intend to assess the acceptability and feasibility of self-administered DPMA-SC as a primary form of contraception for patients in underserved rural communities. Family planning counseling on the clinic will include information on both IM and SC Depo-Provera. Patients who select Depo-Provera as their contraceptive of choice will be offered the opportunity to self-administer. Plan A will report on the demographic characteristics and select statistics including distance traveled to the mobile clinic, distance to the closest brick and mortar clinic offering contraception, and insurance status of both patients who decide to self-administer and those who do not. Patients who elect to self-administer will be asked to participate in a short survey about their experience self-injecting. Research results will be shared with clinic patients and community stakeholders and partners.