Luz de Atabey midwifery project

Awarded 2022
Honoring community-based organizations as knowledge generators
Natalie Buch Pancorbo, BS
Luz de Atabey Midwifery Project

Luz de Atabey Midwifery Project (LAMP) provides reproductive care and support that is culturally rooted, trauma-informed and generationally healing for Black people, Indigenous people and people of color, especially immigrants, refugees and queer and trans families. LAMP provides accessible preconception, prenatal, postpartum and full spectrum reproductive health support in Central Texas. Our services include clinical care by licensed midwives as well as emotional support, lactation support, healthcare education, all-options counseling, care coordination and resource navigation provided by community health workers and social workers.

To gather knowledge of our community’s needs and preferences to abortion access and reproductive healthcare we will:

  • Create opportunities for knowledge exchange with our clients through focus groups and community gatherings to gain insight into their educational needs.
  • Based on our findings and the collaborative process with clients and community partners, we will then develop educational materials related to safer sex, contraceptives and all-pregnancy outcomes to empower our client’s decision-making when navigating access to abortion and reproductive healthcare.
  • Expand the current clinic services and programming to serve a wider range of reproductive care needs such as establishing an additional pop-up clinic and increasing alignment with our “whole person” approach to care.
  • Expand staff capacity for face-to-face time with clients to thoroughly assess their reproductive health needs and barriers by engaging consultants to support the organization’s administrative work.