Development and evaluation of an educational video for viewing prior to procedural abortion cases on medical student preparedness
Awarded 2023
Emerging Scholars in Family Planning
Kathryn Crofton, MD
Albany Medical Center

Kathryn Crofton received her MD from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and is currently a second-year obstetrics and gynecology resident at Albany Medical Center in upstate New York. Her research interests include medical education and improving patient experience and access to reproductive healthcare. Her proposed project is the development of an educational video on second trimester procedural abortion to be viewed by medical students prior to participating in operating room cases, with subsequent evaluation of that intervention in a randomized controlled trial. The study aims to assess if receiving this targeted education improves medical student preparedness. This project builds on Dr. Crofton’s previous work, in which she and her collaborators conducted a qualitative study about the experiences of medical students after attending dilation and evacuation cases. Dr. Crofton and her team found that most students felt inadequately academically and emotionally prepared for these cases even as they acknowledged the importance of this care. Many students described that it was difficult to find suitable educational materials in advance of their time in the operating room. The next project step is to develop an educational video that will address topics including patient counseling, procedural preparation, the procedure itself, and emotional responses to abortion care. The RCT will compare this new video to standard didactic materials. The goal is to develop an effective intervention to improve medical student family planning education and contribute to a more competent physician workforce for patients.