Destigmatizing and advancing abortion access through community empowerment

Awarded 2022
Honoring community-based organizations as knowledge generators
Stephanie Pineiro, MSW
Florida Access Network

Florida Access Network (FAN) is a nonprofit organization and abortion fund that advocates for reproductive justice and provides practical support for abortion care. We are building a network of organizations, collectives and people who share our vision of a world where people happily have the sexual and reproductive lives they choose free from violence, oppression, and injustice. We work to destigmatize abortion to ensure people who have abortions feel loved, affirmed, and tangibly supported. Formerly the Central Florida Women’s Emergency Fund, Florida Access Network (FAN) is an abortion fund that has been committed to the pursuit of reproductive freedom since 1996. In 2020, FAN underwent a transformative change in its mission, values, and commitment to the community to best serve those most impacted by abortion stigma and reproductive injustices. This shift is reflected in an organizational commitment to reproductive justice as the guiding framework for our work and a radical change in leadership. FAN is now an abortion fund led by queer women of color, the majority of whom have had abortions; it is the only abortion fund in the country that is. While headquartered in Orlando, FAN serves abortion-seekers statewide through partnerships with clinics, regional abortion funds, and a dedicated team of staff and volunteers. FAN hopes to share the lessons it learns through the proposed project with other members of the cohort and the Society of Family Planning and gain valuable insights that will continue to shape the project into the future.