Changemakers in Family Planning: Faith Fletcher
Awarded 2020
Changemakers in Family Planning
Faith Fletcher, PhD, MA
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Faith Fletcher is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Behavior at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health. As a social scientist committed to health equity research among women, her research program is grounded in methodological and theoretical approaches from the fields of public health, bioethics, and behavioral science and examines the social and structural barriers to scientific research and health care engagement among underserved women. As co-Director of the UAB Center for Clinical and Translational Science – Community Engagement Domain, she supports programmatic efforts to foster partnerships and collaborations between researchers and communities across the southeast region.

She is deeply committed to leveraging her interdisciplinary training and leadership to:

1) collaborate with medically underserved communities by embracing them as valued research partners to promote equity in family planning research and outcomes and
2) broaden family planning research models to include a reproductive ethics framework that gives attention to the ways in which institutions and policies systematically marginalize groups and minimize informed decision making in family planning.