Changemakers in Family Planning: Daniel Felipe Martín Suárez-Baquero
Awarded 2023
Changemakers in Family Planning
Daniel Felipe Martín Suárez-Baquero, PhD, MSN, RN
University of Washington

Dr. Daniel Felipe Martín Suárez-Baquero is a Nurse Scientist an Assistant Professor in the department of Child, Family, and Population Health Nursing at the University of Washington School of Nursing. Dr. Suárez-Baquero seeks to understand, through qualitative methods, the experiences, perspectives, and strategies related to midwifery and reproductive justice, shedding light on structural factors contributing to reproductive health disparities. He has expertise as a labor and delivery nurse, nurse midwife, and nurse administrator; and developed an academic program of research examining the perceptions and experiences of nursing care, and developing nursing theory informed interventions to improve the well-being of pregnant-capable people. He earned his PhD in Nursing at The University of Texas at Austin, and his MSN and BSN Universidad Nacional de Colombia, focused on Maternal and Perinatal Nursing Care.

Dr. Suárez-Baquero seeks to advance reproductive justice informed care and research in Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities and to decolonize the profession of nursing. During the award period, he aims to expand a body of research focused on advancing reproductive justice, racial and culturally congruent midwifery care for BIPOC communities in Washington State.