Changemakers in Family Planning: Comfort Olorunsaiye
Awarded 2020
Changemakers in Family Planning
Comfort Olorunsaiye, PhD, MPH
Arcadia University

Comfort Olorunsaiye is an Assistant Professor of Public Health at Arcadia University. She holds a Doctorate in Health Services Research and a Master of Public Health degree with concentration in Maternal and Child Health. This award will support her research in understanding the perceived risks and impact of unintended pregnancy on the contraceptive behaviors of African immigrants in Southeastern Pennsylvania. About her planned research, Dr. Olorunsaiye writes:

“Since 2000, the proportion of African immigrants in the Philadelphia area has grown more than two-fold. Despite the rapid growth in African immigration, the population remains grossly underrepresented in immigrant health outcomes research, including reproductive health outcomes. Nearly one-half of this population is married or in a marital union; therefore, understanding their fertility intentions and contraceptive behaviors is both timely and necessary. Findings will be used to develop a conceptual framework for contextualizing immigrant reproductive health in primary care settings. This research will also contribute to equitable access to effective and reliable contraceptive methods to prevent unintended and high-risk pregnancies, and help immigrant families in Southeastern Pennsylvania achieve their fertility intentions and reproductive justice.”